16 September 2011, Friday, 10:05

Helicopter from Bashkortostan was introduced to economic forum in Sochi

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The double helicopter R-30 “ROTORFLY”, designed by the development department “Rotor” in the Bashkir town of Kumertau, was presented at the exhibition in Sochi, devoted to the international investment forum “Sochi-2011”. This is a cardinally new design of the coaxial helicopter. The take-off mass of the helicopter is just 490 kilograms. The helicopter is able to fly with at a speed of 160 kilometers/hour and its flight range reaches 400 kilometers without fuelling. The machine can reach the height at 4500 meters and fuel consumption is rather low – 15 liters/hour. It is expected the helicopter will be used for patrolling and agricultural works. It will be equipped with robot pilot and parachute system.

The exposition of Bashkortostan demonstrates other achievements of the Republic in sphere of super-light aviation: the helicopter “ROTORFLY-2” and the double aircraft R-20, the multi-purpose, all-weather 24-round-the-clock helicopter KA-226T, made by the “KUMERTAUSSKOE aviation production enterprise” and the aircraft “SAVANO S” – the joint model of the Italian company ICP and the Ufa company “Condor”, which production base is located on the territory of Ufimsky district.