15 September 2011, Thursday, 15:40

Pensions of Russians will grow almost by 10% in 2012

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

Pension addition will amount to almost 10% in 2012. The head of the Russian Pension Fund Anton Drozdov reports the labor pensions of Russians will grow by 9,6%. Social pensions will grow even more – by 14,1%. The amount of monthly payments will increase by 6%.

At present time the average amount of an oldage pension in Russia makes up 8,8 thousand rubles. After two indexations in 2012 it will reach 9,6 thousand rubles. The average social pension will reach 5771 rubles.

The average amount of an oldage pension in Bashkortostan makes up 8,3 thousand rubles. At present time 1 million 58 thousand pensioners live in the region according to information of the Russian Pension Fund’s Bashkir division.