14 September 2011, Wednesday, 17:29

Nikolai Bulaev: The rise of the salary budget for teachers in Bashkiria exceeds the average Russian norms”

author: Marina Shumilova

The first deputy “United Russia” faction’s head in State Duma, a member of the party’s Supreme Council Nikolai Bulaev highly estimated the activity of “United Russia” regional division in Bashkiria.

“The regional division of the party has the best results in Russia at the election campaigns, including the previous elections to Russian State Duma” – he stated.

Nikolai Bulaev is the curator of two party projects – “500 swimming-pools” and “Modernization of education”. He said that both projects were developed in Bashkiria in the best way.

“The largest swimming-pool for the Pedagogical University is being erected in the Republic” — he said – “As for the project for modernization of education I can say that the decisions concerning the salary budget increase and modernization of local education system, approved in the Republic, are considered one of the best in Russia too. The rise of the salary budget for teachers exceeds the average all-Russian norms and I am sure the citizens RB can’t but see these results”.

themes: parties