13 September 2011, Tuesday, 17:54

Severance tax makes a half of tax deductions to the Russian budget

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

The sum of tax deductions RB to the federal budget increased almost one and a half times. In January-August 2011 Bashkir tax officers have filled the Russian exchequer with 57,1 billion rubles – by 48,5% more than in 2010. At that the severance tax made a half of all intakes – about 54%.

71,46 billion rubles of taxes and dues have been transferred to the consolidated budget of Bashkortostan for eight months of 2011. Here the main volume of intakes is formed thanks to the profit tax – 46%. Personal income tax (26,1%) and corporate property tax (12,6%), excises (9%), unified tax, levied in connection with the use of the simplified taxation system (3,4%) and transport tax (2,4%) go behind.

11,57 billion rubles was transferred to the municipal budgets – by 12,5% more than in January-August 2010. Almost 77% of local intakes is provided thanks to the personal income tax.

In total complexity for eight months of 2011 the Republic has transferred 128,57 billion rubles to the budgets of all levels – by 21,2% more than for the same period of time in 2010.

themes: budget, taxes