08 September 2011, Thursday, 17:33

Recipients of the scholarship by Miftahetdin Akmullah are determined in Bashkortostan

author: news agency "Bashinform"

The recipients of the scholarship by Miftahetdin Akmullah in 2011-2012 school years are determined in Bashkortostan in accordance with the decree of the Bashkir Government.

The scholarship by Miftahetdin Akmullah is appointed for the high results in scientific and educational activity, concerned with the study of the national languages of the nations, inhabiting Bashkortostan.

Ten students of the state secondary professional education institutions and five students of higher education institutions will receive these scholarships beginning from September 1.

The recipients are determined by the pedagogical and academic councils of the education institutions in accordance with the decree of the Government RB-2006.

The scholarships are appointed beginning from the third course according to the results of the last four sessions since September 1 for the term of one year. At that the academic and social scholarships, received by the students, are preserved, the press-service of the Bashkir Government reports.