07 September 2011, Wednesday, 15:18

The Russian Islamic University will issue state diplomas

author: Timur Rakhmatullin

The Federal Service for supervision in sphere of education and science issued the license for educational activity to the Russian Islamic University under the Central Clerical Muslim Dept RB. The license in its turn entitles the Islamic University to provide its graduates with the official state diplomas, the portal www.islamRF.ru reports.

At present time the University possesses the state license for educational activity and the curriculum but on order to supply its graduates with the state diplomas the University has to be accredited. The secretary of the University’s academic council Radmir Taupov says this document will be obtained in the end of 2011.

Therefore the faculty “Theology and pedagogical education” will start functioning at the University on the next school year in accordance with the state requirements. The graduates will receive the state diplomas after five-year course at this faculty. At the same time the students of the faculty “The basics of the dogma and the history of Islam” will be supplied with the non-state diplomas.