06 September 2011, Tuesday, 16:40

Food prices go down in Bashkiria

author: Galya Nabieva

The index of consumer prices in August in Bashkortostan made up 99,8%. For the first time since October 2009 the index of consumer prices turned out to be less than 100%. This is the data of the Bashkir State Statistics Committee. Specialists say the basket of foods becomes cheaper because of the seasonal cheapening of fruits and vegetables. In August vegetables and fruits have become almost by 20% cheaper. This cheapening affects the overall index of consumer prices. As compared with the similar showings in 2010 the rise of food prices dropped almost two times. Thus, onion, beet, cabbage, carrot and potato have cheapened by 17,4-31,5% in August, fruits – by 6,9%. Besides, prices for cereals dropped by 3,6-5,1%, pea and haricot – by 5,9%, sausages – by 2,3% and for granulated sugar – by 1,6%.

At the same time statisticians registered the rise of prices for chicken eggs by 22%. Mayonnaise, chocolate, fruit juices and conserved meat have become by 2,2-4,4% more expensive.

Similar situation is observed in all regions in Volga federal district. The index of consumer prices for all goods and services in August made up from 99,5% in Saratov region to 100% in Kirov region, for foods (without vegetables, potato and fruits) – from 99,9% in Penza region to 100,6% in Samara region.

The drop of prices for fruits and vegetables was observed from 12,6% in Perm region to 20,8% in Nizhniy Novgorod region.