06 September 2011, Tuesday, 15:56

Bashkortostan is found in the Top 10 of the most hospitable regions of Russia

author: Galya Nabieva

Bashkortostan holds the seventh place in the list of Russian regions by the level of hospitality. The rate of the regions was calculated by the Russian State Trade-Economic University, RBK-rate reports. The overall amount of chargeable services in the sphere of hospitality in Bashkortostan has exceeded 23320 million rubles in 2006-2009. Within this period of tie the volume of means, spent in this sphere, has increased by 8,63%.

Moscow leads in the rate, Krasnodar region with its resorts goes behind. Saint-Petersburg holds the third place. Moscow, Sverdlovsk and Stavropol regions run correspondingly after. Bashkortostan stands on the seventh place.

As for the most “inhospitable” regions in the regional tourist industry, Republic of Tuva, Republic of Kalmykia and Chukot autonomous district are the leaders.

When composing the rate the indices of the volumes of chargeable services in sphere of hospitality were taken into account (tourist and hotel services, sanatorium-and-spa services for population in 2006-2009 etc). The materials of the Russian State Statistics Committee were used for calculations, made by the experts of the Russian State Trade-Economic University.