06 September 2011, Tuesday, 11:10

Six kindergartens to be opened in Ufa

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

Till the end of this year six new kindergartens will be opened in the capital of Bashkortostan, the head of Ufa administration Paul Kachkaev reported today.

According to him new kindergartens are planned in several districts of Ufa, including both abuilding and returned buildings. If the pre-planned terms are kept, 10 kindergartens, meant for approximately 1500 kids, will be put into exploitation in Ufa in 2011.

Paul Kachkaev reminded that three new kindergartens had been opened in Ufa at once by the Knowledge Day, September 1. Besides, along with the kindergartens the reconstruction of the Ufa gymnasium N39 will be finished till the end of the year.