05 September 2011, Monday, 14:37

Journalists of the children’s TV-channel “TAMYR” have won the prize of the international project “Join In!”

author: Alfia Agliullina

Journalists of the children’s TV-channel “TAMYR” are marked at the international festival of children’s TV “Join In!”, recently held in Moscow. The fifth-former Ivan Merezko, working in “TAMYR” just for one year, came out at the festival as a co-author of the special program “I’m Proud of My Teacher”, where he was telling about the pedagogue of his dream. This project of the young journalist, shot jointly with the professionals of the TV-channel “TAMYR”, conquered not just the jury, which rewarded him with special prize, but the producers of the TV-channel “DETSKY” too. They offered to demonstrate the program by their channel all over Russia.

“TAMYR” received the second award from the hands of the UNISEF director. The work, made by the producer Leisan Mazitova and by the journalist Elina Khananova, telling about the girl with the restricted abilities, has become the best in the nomination “I Have the Right”, established by the United Nations Organizations Children’s Fund.

The forum traditionally gathered the huge army of young TV-specialists not just from Russia but also the delegations from Kirghizia, Latvia and Ukraine.

themes: TV, Festivals