05 September 2011, Monday, 10:51

A beauty from Bashkortostan reached the final of the first ecological beauty show in Russia “Green Necklace”

author: Galina Bakhshieva

A beauty from Bashkortostan, from the town of Oktyabrsky Lilia Galyautdinova reached the final stage of the first ecological beauty show “Green Necklace” in Russia. The show is organized within the frames of the all-Russian forum of ecological initiatives “Eco World-2011”, held in Krasnodar region now.

The initiators of “Green Necklace” intend to show that the beauty of our compatriots doesn’t mean just attractive appearance and charm but also spirituality, ecological education and the readiness to take care of the environment. All participants of the beauty show should have active ecological positions and have to engage themselves in elaboration and introduction of their own ecological projects.