02 September 2011, Friday, 11:46

Children from Bashkortostan have visited a summer lingual camp in Poland

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

Children from Bashkortostan have visited an out-of-town lingual camp in Poland this summer. The camp was organized with the assistance of the Congress of Poles RF, the Consular Dept of the Polish Embassy in Russia and The Center for Polish culture and enlightenment RB.

The town of Pultusk, located not far from Warsaw, was chosen the camp’s site. The town is famous with rich history and numerous monuments of architecture. The pupils from the national Polish Sunday school by A. Penkevitch and from the Polish classes of the lyceum N21, Ufa, have visited the camp. Along with communication in Polish language and acquaintance with history and culture of Poland the interesting excursions to Warsaw, Plotzk and Pultusk were organized for the children.

themes: children, Poles