01 September 2011, Thursday, 11:51

A Muslim library is opened in Ufa

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The first Muslim library is opened in Ufa with the assistance of the Russian Islamic University under the Central Clerical Muslim Dept of Russia and the charity fund “BAITUN MAL”. The charity fund “BAITUN MAL” and the publishing house “Medina” were busy with the selection of literature for the library.

“We are pursuing two goals, opening this library” – the fund’s director Arthur Nasibullov said to the news agency “Bashinform” – “First, information about traditional Islam has to be available for everybody and, second, people may spend their money for something else instead of spending it for buying the religious literature in the shops, because here all books are absolutely free for a while. To my mind the only book, which has to be on the shelf of every Muslim is Koran, and all other books can be found in our library”.

Filling of the library’s book fund is going on and religious literature is accepted both from organizations and private persons. All materials pass the preliminary expert testing by the specialists from the Russian Islamic University.