29 August 2011, Monday, 10:32

Marseille Salimov is rewarded with Turkish medal for friendship

author: Alik Shakirov

The popular Bashkir writer, journalist and public activist Marseille Salimov is rewarded with the medal “Peace, Friendship and Brotherhood”, established by the Journalist Society of Antalya, Turkey.

The President of the Society Mevlut Eni has presented him the award in the famous Turkish resort town. Presenting the award to the writer he has said in particular: “Our foreign colleagues, who made great contribution to consolidation of friendly relations between the journalists of the whole world, are rewarded with this medal. My old friend Marseille Salimov – the active participant of many international forums, is just such man”.

After that Mevlut Eni has told the Russian guest about activity of the Journalist Society and about the forthcoming big event for all journalists – the II international media-forum, which is planned to hold in Antalya in 2012.