26 August 2011, Friday, 15:43

Almost 100 thousand pupils studied Bashkir language in Bashkortostan during the last school year

author: Galina Bakhshieva

More than 85% of pupils are taught in Russian language in Bashkortostan. Slightly more than 11% are taught in Bashkir language, 2,3% — in Tatar one, 0,6% in Mari language, 0,2% — in Chuvash and 0,1% — in Udmurt language.

Besides, all abovementioned languages as well as Mordvinian, Ukrainian, Byelorussian, German, Lettish and Polish languages are studied in the Republic as a separate subject, the Bashkir State Statistics Committee reports. More than 94 thousand pupils studied Bashkir language as a subject. About 50 thousand pupils studied Tatar language, 5700 and 5600 children – Mari and Chuvash languages correspondingly. Armenian and Jewish languages are studied at Sunday schools.