25 August 2011, Thursday, 14:49

The army of pedagogues in Bashkortostan runs to more than 166 thousand people

author: Galina Bakhshieva

Realization of the program for innovational development in sphere of education is going on in Bashkortostan. At present time about 80% of the Republican schools have internet access as well as all secondary and higher education institutions.

The Bashkir State Statistics Committee reports the supply with personal computers per 100 pupils at the state daytime general education institutions makes up 4,3 units, 9,4 units per 100 students at state higher education institutions and 8,7 – at state secondary education institutions.

One of the mandatory conditions of innovational education is preservation of the best pedagogues at the education institutions and constant rise of their qualification.

At present time the army of pedagogues in the Republic runs to 166,5 thousand people or 14% of the overall workable population in the Republic. 84% of the teachers at schools have higher education and at the secondary special education institutions this index is slightly higher – 94%. Two thirds of the pedagogues at the institutes (65%) have the academic degree of either a Doctor of sciences or a candidate of sciences.