24 August 2011, Wednesday, 11:07

The Congress of nanotechnologies in Ufa: the future is with the alternative sources of energy

author: Lubov Kolokolova

In several decades electric cars will become a popular kind of transport and alternative sources of energy will be used for battery charging. The Professor of Karlsruhe Technological Institute (Germany), the representative of the United Scientific-Research Laboratory of nanomaterials Horst Han stated about that at the press-conference, held by the news agency “Bashinform” on the eve of II Congress of nanotechnologies in Ufa.

The scientist fr om Germany considers that alternative energy can be obtained from various sources – wind stations, solar batteries, bio-fuel etc.

As soon as the oil reserves on the Earth aren’t lim itless and transportation of oil products is becoming more and more expensive, the mobile accumulators can become the alternative to benzene engines. The Professor Horst Han was talking about nanotechnologies in power-engineering during the plenary session of the Congress too.

According to the scientist electric cars will completely replace the ordinary ones only in several decades and hybrid engines will be used in the interim period.