23 August 2011, Tuesday, 17:56

309 citizens of Bashkortostan fell sick of hemorrhagic fever in 2011

author: Galya Nabieva

309 cases of hemorrhagic fever were registered in Bashkortostan for seven months of 2011. The regional division of Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights estimates the situation on sickness rate with hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome as rather favorable. The index of sickness rate made up 7,6 cases per 100 thousand people, i.e. 1,8 times less than the same index in 2010. At the same time epidemiologists warn that the hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome holds the leading place among natural-focal infections in Bashkortostan and mainly people of workable age between 20 and 50 suffer from it (74%). The analysis of the infection’s grounds and conditions shows that the disease mainly strikes people in the forest zone – 75% (tourism, hunt and fishing, gathering of berries and mushrooms, hay and firewood storage).