22 August 2011, Monday, 12:11

Russians are the most unlucky among Europeans

author: news agency "Bashinform"

The interrogation, made by the German scientists fr om the Future Polls Fund, has shown that the citizens of Russia are the most unfortunate in Europe. It turned out that Danes were the happiest.

The questioning has shown that two third of the population in Germany consider themselves happy and Danes demonstrated the most positive mood – 96% of them are happy.

Austria slightly declines fr om the average European showing at 68%. Greeks go after Danes – 80% of the respondents consider themselves happy, further Italians go (79%), French (77%), Dutch and British (72%). Turkey and Germany are located in the second “happy” echelon (61%), wh ere just a half of population call themselves happy. Russian stands on the last position, wh ere only 37% of the interrogated are satisfied with the way of living, as the German “Der Standard” writes.

The coincidences were registered almost in all countries. Thus, women, villagers, married couples and people with good fortune are happier than men, urban citizens, bachelors and people with low incomes. 15 thousand people from 13 countries participated in the questioning, held during more than 14 years.

The investigation has shown that money evidently make people happier: 76% of the interrogated with the income more than 3600 euro per month are satisfied with their life against 45,1% of people, earning not more than 900 euro monthly. Young people are the happiest (73%), happy pensioners make up 63%, families with kids collected 60,9% and childless families and bachelors enclose the list with 58,6%.