19 August 2011, Friday, 14:29

The budget RB in January-July is executed with proficiency

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

For the last seven months of 2011 the budget of Bashkortostan is executed with proficiency. According to information of the Ministry of finances RB the revenues of the consolidated budget made up 79054,4 million rubles and the expenses – 65737,6 million. As compared with 2010 the revenue increased by 13,2% and the supply – by 12,4%.

The corporate and personal income taxes have become the main sources of budget filling. The intakes were practically the same – 17878,4 and 17849,4 million rubles correspondingly.

The social constituent traditionally prevails in the structure of expenses. 79% of all consolidated budget’s expenses was spent for labor payments, social payments, medical insurance and pensions.

The budget RB in January-July is executed on revenues at the rate of 64431,4 million rubles (113,8% to the same period of time in 2010) and on expenses – 52567,1 million rubles (110,1%).

The incomes of local budgets reached 32243,1 million rubles or 109,3% to the last year level. The expenses amounted to 30790,6 million rubles – by 13,9% more than in 2010.

themes: budget, taxes