19 August 2011, Friday, 10:15

Today is the Apple Savior

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The Apple Savior is celebrated today according to the Christian calendar – this is a traditional harvest festival. Today it is customary to bring apples, other vegetables and fruits to the churches and consecrate them. The Apple Savior is directly connected with the Christian holiday of Transfiguration, also often called the Savior-on-the-Hill. It is called Apple because apples usually ripen by this time. The history of Transfiguration is connected with the legend how Jesus changed himself before his followers Peter, Jacob and Johann on the Favor Peak – his face shined as the Sun and the clothes became white as light. Two testament prophets – Moses and Elijah – talked to him on the peak. It is considered that thereby Jesus explained to his adherents that in the end of his life he would suffer for people and demonstrated them his divine greatness for they would never doubt their belief.