18 August 2011, Thursday, 11:40

Bashkir scientific-research center on bee-keeping and apitherapy received the certificate ISO 22000-2007

author: Galya Nabieva

The experts of “The Bashkir Certification and Expertise Center” presented the international certificate ISO 22000-2007 to the personnel of the Bashkir scientific-research center on bee-keeping and apitherapy.

Thereby the collective of the center proved high quality of its production once again. The enterprise successfully works not only in Russia. Bashkir honey is well-known in many European countries. After possible Russia’s joining WTO, which can occur already in the end of 2011, Russian enterprises have not just to ensure the safety of their products but also to introduce convincing evidences of that and the management system, based on the international standard ISO 22000-2007, is considered the main model for production quality and safety control at present time.