18 August 2011, Thursday, 10:23

The average wage in Bashkortostan will exceed 20 thousand rubles in 2012

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

The average wage in Bashkortostan will overstep the psychological barrier at 20 thousand rubles in 2012.

“According to the basic forecast variant the increase of the monthly wage in 2012 will make up 13% as compared with 2011. Thereby its average size will reach 20894 rubles” – the Minister of labor and population social protection RB Lenara Ivanova stated at the yesterday’s governmental gathering.

The heads of the Republican ministries and departments were discussing the changes, planned to be included into the program for social-economic development of the region in 2012-2014, taking the current situation into account, at the last governmental gathering, held under the chairmanship of the Prime-Minister of the Government RB Azamat Ilimbetov.

The wages of budget employees will be increased by 15% every year in 2011-2013. In 2012 the average salary of a budget employee will reach 16940 rubles.

If the events in the Republic run according to the basic scenario (moderately optimistic), in 2014 the average wage will increase up to 26950 rubles, going up more than one time and a half, as compared with 2010.

themes: wages, forecasts