17 August 2011, Wednesday, 18:07

The amount of subsistence wage will be calculated from a new angle

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

Beginning from 2013 the amount of the subsistence wage will be calculated with the use of a new method and the Minister of labor and population social protection RB Lenara Ivanova says that the use of such method “can lead to increase of the subsistence wage amount by 8% on average for all social-demographic groups and that in its turn can positively affect the change of the share of population with the incomes lower than the subsistence wage”.

According to the preliminary estimations the amount of the subsistence wage per capita will reach 6900 rubles by 2014 with the growth by 37,3% by 2010. At present time the average monthly level of the subsistence wage in Bashkortostan per capita makes up 5739 rubles, including 6130 rubles for able-bodied population, 4681 rubles – for pensioners and 5630 rubles – for children.