16 August 2011, Tuesday, 11:40

The program for development of trade is approved in Bashkortostan

author: Sergey Zakharov

The program for development of trade in 2011-2015 is approved in Bashkortostan in accordance with the corresponding decree of the Government RB. The specialists forecast that in the result of this program the annual rise of retail trade circulation will make up at least 5,5% in comparable prices and the circulation of retail trade by the end of 2015 – 925 billion rubles. It is also planned to attract investment resources to development of trade infrastructure, reconstruction and construction of the consumer market’s objects at the rate of 10 billion rubles in the nearest five years. The supply of population with trade areas by 2015 has to increase up to 615 square meters per 1000 citizens of the Republic. It is also planned to open about 15 thousand new workplaces in the trade sphere.

The control over execution of the decree is imposed on the state trade and consumer rights protection committee RB, the press-service of the Government RB reports.

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