15 August 2011, Monday, 16:43

The exhibition “Bashkir honey is a Brand of Bashkortostan” is opened in the National Library RB

author: Alfia Agliullina

The illustrated exhibition “Bashkir honey is a Brand of Bashkortostan” is organized in the National Library by Akmet-Zaki Validi. It is dated to the Bee-Keeper Day, celebrated on August 10, and consists of several divisions: “The Nature is Our Home”, “Bee-keeping”, “For Amateur Bee-keepers”, “Bee-keeping Products” and “The Honey Festival in Bashkortostan”.

Bee-keeping in Bashkortostan has deep historical roots, the millennium experience and traditions. The law “About bee-keeping” is passed in the Republic, local institutes train specialists in bee-keeping and, as a result, the number of bee-gardens and the people, professionally occupied with bee-keeping, steadily grows in the Republic.

Practically the whole world knows the extraordinary properties of Bashkir honey, it is universally recognized – Bashkir honey is the leader by the number of international prizes and awards for its healing and taste qualities. The fairs “Honey Bashkortostan” already became traditional, gathering hundreds bee-keepers from all regions of the Republic in Ufa for the great honey festival.