15 August 2011, Monday, 11:22

The infant death rate dropped 1,6 times in Bashkortostan for the last five years

author: Alfia Agliullina

For the last five years the infant death rate in Bashkortostan dropped 1,6 times, making up 6,9% in 2010. For the last six months it made up 6,2% in the Republic on average (7,1% — in Russia and 6,3% in Volga federal district). In 11 Bashkir regions the infant death rate hasn’t been registered at all. In Ufa it has made up 4,3%. In a whole 26610 babies have been born in Bashkortostan within the period between January and June 2011 – by 4,7% less than for the same period of time in 2010.