12 August 2011, Friday, 11:48

Working specialties meet the highest demand in Ufa labor market

author: Galina Bakhshieva

Almost 150 people get real chances for job placement at the last fair of job vacancies in Ufa. About 500 free workplaces have been offered in total complexity. Working specialties traditionally faced the highest demand – cooks, loaders, guards, drivers and builders.

“We hope the next fair will gather even higher number of the participants. It will take place on August 18 and will be meant for the graduates of higher and secondary education institutions, because jobs for them are one of the prior aims now. We already started to invite the employers, so we’d like to believe that we will be able to help as many former students, seeking jobs, as possible” – the chief inspector of the Ufa Employment Center Olga Perminova said.

themes: employment