09 August 2011, Tuesday, 15:30

Bashkir Byelorussians are going to celebrate the Apple Savior

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The Byelorussian historical-cultural center “BALTIKA” in the village “BALTIKA”, Iglinsky region of Bashkortostan, will hold the festival of honey and apples, dated to the Apple Savior. The festival’s program includes national games, contests, quizzes, the exhibition “The Gifts of Nature”, honey and apple fairs. A substantial part of the festival will be paid to the stories about history of Honey and Apple Savior. The festival will take place on August 19 and it is accustomed to bring apples and other fruits and vegetables to the churches and consecrate them. The Apple Savior is directly related to the Christian holiday of Transfiguration, which is often called the Savior on the Hill. It is called the apple savior because apples most often ripen by this date. The history of Transfiguration is concerned with the legend how Jesus transformed himself before his followers Peter, Jacob and Johann on the Favor Peak. His face shined like the Sun and the clothes became white as the light. Two Old Testament prophets – Moses and Elijah – talked to him on the peak. It is accustomed to believe that thereby Jesus explained to his followers that he would suffer for people in the end of his life and demonstrated his greatness to them so as to give them to know that they shouldn’t doubt their belief.