05 August 2011, Friday, 15:45

Paul Krasheninnnikov says the primaries are a good school for candidates

author: Marina Shumilova

The primaries show a certain snapshot of public opinion on the problems, actual both for Bashkortostan and Russia, as the chairman of the State Duma committee for civil, criminal, arbitrary and remedial legislation Paul Krasheninnikov believes.

“In the course of the primaries people ask many questions – about housing, land, social aid for families with many kids, corporate and criminal law etc” – Paul Krasheninnikov said to the news agency “Bashinform” – “People worry about potential rise of the pension age. Taking the opportunity I’d like to say once again – we aren’t going to rise the pension age”.

Paul Krasheninnikov called the primaries a good school for the candidates to deputies.

“Not only experience politicians, deputies of the State Duma and of the Republican parliament but those, who just start their way in politics, take part in the primaries” – he mentioned – “One can see how the people grow up in the course of the primaries and this is the great benefit for the beginners”.