04 August 2011, Thursday, 10:34

Public contracts will help small business

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

The access to public contracts can lead small business to a qualitatively new level of development, the chairman of the state business undertakings and tourism committee RB Ruslan Kinzikeev stated at the meeting of the Control and Audit Chamber RB.

“The cost of the public contracts, signed with small business companies in 2010, has made up 1,4 billion rubles or 7,8% of the overall cost of all bargains concluded. As for the municipal contracts the figures are lower – 1,1 billion rubles or 4,4%” – the chairman of the committee reported.

He expressed the opinion that ministries, departments and municipalities should quote at least 20% of public contracts for small business.

Ruslan Kinzikeev has called some other ways to raise the efficiency of small business, for example, the lowering of the tax rate for the tax-payers, using the simplified taxation scheme, to 5%.

“The support of business undertakings means not just money but comfortable conditions, suitable for efficient work” – the chairman stated.