03 August 2011, Wednesday, 16:45

The Audit Chamber RB: “Start-ups fail to meet expectations”

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

Start-ups are the most inefficient way of business support. This is the conclusion the inspectors of the Audit Chamber RB came to, checking the use of the budget means, spent for realization of the Republican program for support of small and medium business undertakings in 2010. According to their calculations the reimbursement of the beginning businessmen doesn’t reach even 10% of the means, spent for their support: only nine kopecks were paid back from every invested ruble. At the same time the volumes of funding on the start-up stage of business has increased in 2010 almost twice, as compared with 2009, making up 219 million rubles or 84% of the overall sum of the paid out permanent loans.

At the same time such forms of state backing as subsidizing of earlier applied costs for participation in various exhibitions and fairs and covering of a part of leasing payments have recommended themselves quite well. Their budget efficiency made up 3,1 and 1,8 from every invested ruble correspondingly.

In total complexity 272 million rubles have been allocated from the federal budget and 109 million – from the Republican one for development of small and medium business in Bashkortostan in 2010. By the volume of the means, attracted for that from the federal exchequer the region holds the 12th place in Russia and the fourth – in Volga federal district. The overall amount of state backing taking the means of the guarantee and the venture funds and the means of the Micro-Financing Center RB into account has made up 1,3 billion rubles in 2010.