03 August 2011, Wednesday, 16:29

Big cities of Bashkortostan don’t suffer from the shortage of water

author: Galina Bakhshieva

Though the spring flood in Bashkortostan was extremely low, heavy rains in June and July filled the basic water objects in the Republic quite well. The main arteries are full of water and the inflow is still going on.

“From the point of view of water content the situation in the region is normal thanks to good rains. But the situation with the underground drinkable waters is still far from ideal. The lowering of the water level is still going on there. In 2010 the level of underground waters has dropped 2-3 meters because of the severest drought. The situation isn’t yet changed for the better. Nonetheless the big water channels don’t suffer from the shortage of water” — the head of the water resources department in Bashkortostan Vladimir Goryachev said to the news agency “Bashinform”.

It should be noted that the Republic gets 80% of drinkable water from the underground sources.