03 August 2011, Wednesday, 14:13

Muslims of Bashkortostan may avoid fast for 4350 rubles

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The Clerical Muslim Dept RB approved the amount of the fidya – the expiatory payment for the impossibility to fast during the holy month of Ramadan. The amount of fidya is 150 rubles from a person a day. So if the Muslim can’t fast during all 29 days of Ramadan, he (she) has to pay 4350 rubles.

The Clerical Muslim Dept also determined the rate of the fitr-sadak – the sum, which every Muslim has to pay in the end of Ramadan in favor of needy and poor people. It is calculated taking the regional food prices into account and the amount of this sum is different for different layers of population. For example, the amount of fitr-sadak makes up 30 rubles for those, whose incomes are lower than the subsistence wage, 100 rubles for the Muslims with the medium incomes and 200 rubles for the rich ones.

Besides, the Clerical Muslim Dept determined the amount of the nisab – the minimal income of a Muslim, from which the zakyat (compulsory charity) is paid. On the territory of Bashkortostan zakyat is equal to 60 thousand rubles this year. The Muslims with such incomes have to pay 1500 rubles and if the income is higher, the Muslim has to pay 1500 rubles from every 60 thousand.

It is presumed that all abovementioned takings will be spent for charity and help for needy people.