29 July 2011, Friday, 10:04

Primary housing in Ufa falls in price

author: Rasul Khamidullin

The average price of abuilding residential housing in Ufa dropped by 0,1% in June, making up 43,3 thousand rubles for one square meter now.

Thus, the cost of two-room flats dropped by 0,4%. One- and three-room flats cheapened by 0,1%. The average offer price in the tenements, already put into exploitation, makes up 45,4 thousand rubles for one square meter.

According to information of the realty agencies network “The Expert” the minimal offer price in newly-erected apartments is 34 thousand rubles at present moment and the maximal one-81 thousand rubles.

The analysts don’t take the flats, which the subcontractors (purveyors of armature, brick, cement etc) sell at dumping prices into account since the volumes of such offers are too low. The elite dwelling isn’t taken into account because of the same reason.

themes: realty, prices