26 July 2011, Tuesday, 16:27

Children’s Fund RB holds charitable action “First-former: tomorrow to school”

author: Marina Shumilova

On the eve of a new school year the Bashkir division of the Russian Children’s Fund holds the charitable action “First-former: tomorrow to school”, aimed at the assistance to preparation for school of the pupils from families with scanty needs, incomplete families and families with many children.

“The Children’s Fund RB will receive donations, clothes for children, toys, books and writing-materials for the needy families with deep thankfulness” – the chairman of the Children’s Fund RB Nina Fedyanina says – “We shall help the children to prepare themselves for school and to meet the Knowledge Day there”.

The address of the Children’s Fund RB: Ufa, Lenin Street, 72.

Contact phones: 272-23-68, 272-23-48.