26 July 2011, Tuesday, 15:38

Severance tax provided a half of all transfers to the federal budget

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

The severance tax provided the main volumes of all intakes to the federal exchequer from Bashkortostan. According to the results of the first six months of 2011 the share of this tax makes up more than 54% of all taxes, the press-service of the Federal Tax Service in RB reports. In a whole the sum of the deductions to the Russian exchequer increased by more than one third (36,5%), as compared with 2010, making up 41,16 billion rubles.

As for the consolidated budget RB, it is in many respects formed due to the personal income tax – 37,3%. The rate of the corporate tax is nearly the same – 36,7%.

The personal income tax has also become the main source for the local budgets and here its share exceeds 78%.

In a whole Republican municipal budgets have received 8,35 billion rubles of taxes and compulsory payments in January-June 2011. The regional exchequer is enriched with 40,16 billion rubles. The tax service RB has transferred 92,22 billion rubles of the incomes, registered by the fiscal bodies (not taking the unified social tax into account) into the budgets of all levels – by 15,2% more than in 2010.

themes: taxes, budget