25 July 2011, Monday, 14:15

A honey festival has taken place in the village Saitbaba

author: Timur Rakhmatullin

A honey festival has taken place in the village Saitbaba, Bashkortostan, within the frames of the Year for consolidation of international concord. The action was initiated by the Bashkir historical-cultural center “Saitbaba” with the assistance of the Friendship House RB, local administration, the Ministry of culture RB and the Bashkir Scientific-research center for bee-keeping and apitherapy.

The head of local administration Ramil Bukharov, the director of the Bashkir scientific-research center for bee-keeping and apitherapy Amir Ishemgulov, the director of the Friendship House RB Velmir Aznaev, representatives of other historical-cultural centers RB and foreign delegates (from China, Japan, the USA and Germany) and other guests were present at this solemn action.

“We are holding this festival in order not just to acquaint our guests with the variety of Bashkir honey but in order to thank the God, the nature, our bees and our forefathers-the bee-keepers” – the director of the historical-cultural center “Saitbaba” Razim Mavletkulov said – “We have all necessary climatic conditions for bee-keeping and our ancestors have preserved this national business for us”.

This festival is planned to make traditional, holding it every year.