25 July 2011, Monday, 11:03

Marseille Salimov’s biography is included into the innovational reference book “Who is who: the world edition”

author: Alim Faizov

The innovational reference book “Who is who” the world edition”, composed by the Russian Academy of Sciences and Art is issued in Moscow. The reference book contains the biographies and information about achievements of more than 700 prominent compatriots and foreigners – the heads of various intellectual projects, famous authors, academicians and public activists. The reference book is present in internet and in the largest libraries of the world and includes the biographies of such famous people as Ilia Glazunov, Michael Gorbatchev, Michael Kalashnikov, Dmitry Medvedev, Barak Obama, Vladimir Putin and many others. One of the editions’ chapters is devoted to description of the creative achievements of the Bashkir writer-satirist, laureate of the international award “Aleco” (Bulgaria) and the award by Sergey Mikhalkov (CIS), full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Art Marseille Salimov and “The Anthology of Bashkir satire and humor” is his intellectual project, which presentation has taken place in Moscow not long ago.