23 July 2011, Saturday, 9:55

Bashkortostan attracts investments in sphere of biotechnologies

author: news agency "Bashinform"

The cooperation agreement between the Government of Bashkortostan and the company “Alrai Group Holding Limited” on realization of the investment project with the use of biotechnologies of the fourth and the fifth generations was signed in Ufa on July 22 by the Prime-Minister of the Government RB Azamat Ilimbetov and the President of “Alrai Group” Attic Zaman, the press-service of the Government RB reported.

The document presumes construction of the center for processing of 400 tons of the fourth-class wheat and other grain for production of the dry gluten, starch and biopolymers.

For the needs of this production an agricultural enterprise will be opened in the north-eastern regions of Bashkortostan. About 100-150 thousand hectares, cultivated by this enterprise, will be occupied with grain cultures and potato.

The investment project will be realized in two stages. On the first stage 14 billion rubles will be invested in 2011-2013 and ten billion rubles – in 2013-2014. About 1500 new workplaces will be opened there.

The Government of Bashkortostan is ready to provide the full package of preferences for the investors: low tariff rates on property and profit taxes for the term up to five years and preferences for the use of the ground areas.

For successful realization of the project a joint venture will be established: “Alrai Group” will invest 85% of the authorized capital stock. The Government RB will invest 15% of the capital in the form of the infrastructure for gas, electrical and water supply. At that during three years the investor has to return these expenses to the Republican exchequer through redemption of the shares in the joint-venture.

The deputy Prime-Minister of the Government RB Marat Mulukov, the coordinator of “Alrai Group” in Russia Alexander Rostovtsev and the General Director of “The Innovational Technological Holding Company” Alexander Putko also took part in the signing ceremony.