22 July 2011, Friday, 11:05

Rustem Akhmadinurov: “Primaries are the efficient means for selection of the most deserved candidates”

author: Marina Shumilova

The preliminary voting for the choice of candidates to the deputies of Russian State Duma, eliminated by “United Russia” and the all-Russian National Front, causes wide public response in Bashkortostan and the participants of this process comment on their political significance.

“The technology of primaries, adopted by “United Russia”, is used for the second time but if in 2007 it was rather formal, now when the primaries are held with participation of more than 80 largest Republican public organizations and more than six thousand electors, this procedure can be called the efficient means for selection of the most deserved candidates” – the director of the Russian Politics School in RB, the Doctor of sociology Rustem Akhmadinurov said to the news agency “Bashinform” – “At that, as I believe, the participants of the primaries have not just to declare some promises but in the real dialogue with the electors they have to polish the pre-election National Program, which they are going to take part in the State Duma elections with. I also like that the pre-election slogan of the all-Russian National Front “New Names for State Duma” is correlated with the ideology of the Russian Politics School, which is called to open new names of politicians in the Republic and it is not accidentally that six representatives of our School are included into the list of the primaries participants in Bashkortostan”.