19 July 2011, Tuesday, 16:40

It is offered to hold all-Russian “Akatuy” in Bashkortostan

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

It is offered to hold the regular all-Russian national Chuvash festival “Akatuy” on the territory of Bashkortostan. This proposal was initiated by the chairman of the Chuvash Congress executive committee RB Valerie Sidorov. In his opinion this festival might come in handy on the background of the jubilee celebrities on the occasion of the150th anniversary of Chuvash enlightener Paul Mironov and the 100th anniversary of the national Chuvash poet Jacob Ukhsay, whose life and activity were closely connected with Bashkortostan.

“In 2011 the all-Russian “Akatuy” was held in Ulyanovsk region” – Valerie Sidorov said – “And the guests from 33 Russian regions and six countries were taking part in it. It would be nice if the next festival of such level is held in Bashkortostan, especially since the Bashkir land has presented many prominent enlighteners to Chuvash nation”.

“Akatuy” is the ancient Chuvash festival, devoted to agriculture and by its significance it corresponds to Bashkir “Sabantuy”.