19 July 2011, Tuesday, 12:03

Bashkortostan presented the project of techno-park “Kurai” for participation in the federal program

author: news agency "Bashinform"

The gathering with the Minister of communication and mass communications of Russia Igor Shegolev re development of the federal program on establishment of techno-parks in high-tech sphere has taken place in Moscow. It was stated there that opening of the high-tech techno-parks acquires new prospects and will be substantially widened.

Bashkortostan also doesn’t intend to stay aside from these processes. The deputy Prime-Minister of the Government RB Marat Mulukov has presented the project of the techno-park “Kurai” in Moscow on the terms of federal co-funding.

The techno-park “Kurai” is planned to develop on the base of the Ufa Institute for problems of energy resources transportation. The existing building of the Institute will be substantially modernized. Two additional floors will be added to it and an additional block will be erected nearby. The overall area of the techno-park will make up 26,5 thousand square meters and its launching is scheduled on the fourth quarter of 2014. Several private companies are ready to become its investors.

According to Marat Mulukov the participation of Bashkortostan in the federal program allows to attract one billion rubles of investments from the federal exchequer on the terms of co-funding on one billion rubles, invested by the Republic, as the press-service of the Government RB reports.