19 July 2011, Tuesday, 11:05

Rif Usupov: “Primaries is the check-up, are you worthy to stand for the interests of the population”

author: Ludmila Ternovaya

The head of Chekmagushevsky municipal administration Rif Usupov believes that primaries are a sort of check-up, are you worthy to introduce the interests of local population.

“I was included into list according to the decision of “United Russia” regional political council’s Presidium” – he said – “And the fact that I turned out to be in the list of 120 candidates can be considered as the estimation of my work by the Republican leadership. The showings of Chekmagushevsky region contributed to that. Our municipal region is stable and develops itself quite successfully. As for the all-national voting system itself, it impresses me with its democratic character and I think it is fair and objective. Primaries are the rate and the estimation of what have been done. In my opinion this new approach is much more efficient because the whole active population of Bashkortostan is involved in this process”.