18 July 2011, Monday, 16:50

Edward Murzin: “There are people among the participants of the all-national primaries, who aren’t going to keep silence”

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The list of the candidates for participation in the all-national primaries includes the people, who were always in opposition to the former leadership of the Republic. This is the opinion of the human rights activist Edward Murzin, which he expressed to the news agency “Bashinform”.

“It is pleasant for me to see the people, who were always disagree with the stagnant processes, in this list” – he said – “For example the chairman of the regional Tatar national-cultural autonomy RB Ramil Bignov, political scientists and representatives of the public movement “Russia” Albert Miftakhov and Anatoly Dubovsky and some others. I know them as the persons, who aren’t going to keep silence in case of evident injustice. They are ready to debates and to defend their point of view. Their participation in political life of the Republic should become the guarantee that the all-national front will turn its face to people and the fact that they were included into the primaries, causes respect and confidence in the initiators of these primaries”.