18 July 2011, Monday, 15:23

Ramil Bignov: “The all-national voting will be complicated but necessary”

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The all-national voting on preliminary selection of candidates to State Duma deputies, held in Bashkortostan within the period between the 21st of July and the 10th of August, promised to become rather uneasy and this is the opinion of the chairman of the regional national-cultural Tatar autonomy RB Ramil Bignov, which he expressed to the news agency “Bashinform”.

“The list of the candidates for participation in the primaries consists of 120 people now” – he said – “Public and state activists, businessmen and many other really worthy people. All of them pretend to 15 deputy vacancies in case of “United Russia” victory. It is quite clear that it will be rather difficult for all those, taking part in the primaries, to make their choice. At the same time the procedure of primaries is really necessary from the point of view of democracy and primaries will become that sieve, which the candidates have to leak through. Earlier such procedure was absent in our state system”.