14 July 2011, Thursday, 16:57

Bashkir subsurface management dept announces the next auction for the right of gold mining

author: Lubov Kolokolova

The Bashkir subsurface management department announced the next auctions for the right to use Republican entrails. Thus, the UVARYAZSKAYA zone of gold-containing ores and the KURGASHLINSKAYA area of alluvial gold were put up for auction, the department’s site reports.

The UVARYAZSKAYA area in Baimaksky region RB is put up for auction with the purpose of gold prospecting and mining for the term of 20 years at the price of 43,62 million rubles. The ore reserves are estimated at 1,17 million tons (C2 category), gold reserves – at 3 tons, silver – 41,4 tons, copper – 14,4 thousand tons and zinc – 52,4 thousand tons.

The KURGASHLINSKAYA area in Burziansky region RB is put up for auction for the term of 10 years at the price of 227 thousand rubles. The forecasted resources are estimated at 96 thousand cubic meters of sand and 44,6 kg of gold (P1 category).