13 July 2011, Wednesday, 15:16

59 forest fires have occurred in Bashkortostan in 2011

author: Rasul Khamidullin

Fire-prevention situation in Bashkortostan remains rather calm, as the Minister of forestry RB Rajap Nabiullin reported today. 59 forest fires have been registered on the territory of the region in 2011 and all fires weren’t too dangerous.

“Now we don’t face such drought as in 2010” – the Minister said – “That time the abnormal heat came as a surprise for us but in spite of it we managed to coordinate our activity and no victims were registered”.

According to the Minister there are three dangerous periods: the spring, the summer and the autumn periods. At the same time the forestry workers are always on call. About 800 foresters patrol their territories every day and air control is exercised in a day.