12 July 2011, Tuesday, 14:36

Nine cases of tick borne encephalitis was found out in Bashkortostan

author: Alfia Agliullina

Nine cases of tick borne encephalitis was registered in Bashkortostan in June and children suffered from this diseases in two cases, the press-service of the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights in RB reported. For today all patients pass medical treatment at the Republican health institutions and all of them are provided with necessary medicaments in quantum satis.

5634 ticks have been examined at the Republican laboratory under the Hygiene and Epidemiology Center since April 1, 2011. 225 ticks have been infected with the encephalitis virus.

For the last six months 12629, suffering from ticks, have asked for help (13674 in 2010), including 27,2% of children.