11 July 2011, Monday, 10:18

For six months Bashkir railroad workers have transferred almost 584 million rubles to the Republican budget

author: Lubov Kolokolova

For six months 2011 the enterprises of Kuybyshev railroad have transferred about 2,4 billion rubles to the regional and local budgets of ten Russian regions.

The Bashkir region of Kuybyshev railroad is considered the second tax-payer by concernment: for six months more than 583,5 million rubles was transferred to the budget RB.

More than 1,1 billion rubles have been transferred to the regional and to the local budgets of Samara region, more than 220 million rubles – to Penza region, about 205 million rubles – to Ulyanovsk region, 144 million rubles to the budgets of Mordvinia and 53,3 million rubles – to the exchequer of Tatarstan.